Welcome to your safe haven where your vulnerabilities are your most powerful strengths. 

I am Melissa,
your Life and Business coach.


To create an inspiring and safe space for Highly Sensitive Creative Entrepreneurs and empower my tribe to see the beauty in their vulnerabilties and make them their most valuable strength.


To provide Highly Sensitive People with coaching services tailored to their individual uniqueness, in an authentic and gentle way. To inspire my ideal clients to feel valued and cared for through my writing, products and podcast.



To share real life stories and fully embrace vulnerability.



To create a world where opposites beautifully co-exist. Heaven and earth; chaos and calmness; love and fear.



To feel deeply and soulfully connected to ourselves and each other.



To empower my tribe to create a heart-centred life and business.



To embrace playfulness and our inner child.

Me in a nutshell

  • Highly Sensitive + Ambivert (both Introvert & Extrovert) + INFP (Introversion, Intuition, Feeling, Perception) from Myers Briggs personality test
What does this all mean to me?
High standards for myself and others → idealistic + high moral
• Always thinking about the future
• Don’t like planning a trip in details
• Making decisions based on my code of values
• Super self-conscious
• Living in my inner world
  • Multi-passionate  I want to start making homemade candles and selling essential oils and I also plan to open an holistic centre filled with beauty and love… Imagine a spa, a library, organic tea and smoothies, yoga….
  • I  Love drinking tea.
    My favourite is Liquorice and Peppermint from Teapigs
  • I  Love walking in nature.
    It helps me clear my mind and feel grounded.
  • I  Love cuddles and tight long hugs.
    What is even the point with those fake hugs that make you feel empty?
  • Children are my favourite kind of therapy.
    Their smile means the world to me. I dream of having three children of my own in the future.
  • DoTerra Advocate.
    I am absolutely in love with their essential oils and the amazing emotional and physical benefits they have provided me.


As a child I used to be super competitive, but also super sensitive. I would get incredibly emotional if one of my classmates was being made fun of, but I also always wanted to be the first one in everything. Grades were the most important thing in the world and coming first in a competition was my main goal. While I was growing up, I realised that none of that was fulfilling my need for authenticity. I wasn’t being authentic, I was just simply living on autopilot, run by my ego.
Something changed when I moved to Sydney for about 1 year and a half. This experience was a catalyst for me. I met a girl that started asking me those powerful, heartfelt questions that got me exploring my inner world. I started seeing myself in a different way for the first time. I wasn’t just that ego-based person anymore, I discovered a vivid and infinite world of opportunities within me. I realised that I was part of that special group of people called ‘highly sensitive’. I feel everything very deeply, I need time to recharge after social situations and ultimately I can feel other people’s emotions.
How cool is that? I realised only after some time that it was my biggest blessing. I am now using this gift to help other highly sensitive people perceive it as such and fully embrace their vulnerabilities.
From the moment I realised that the world’s opinion on what I was meant to be doing no longer mattered, I started to connect to a deeper part of myself that allowed me to create the life I was dreaming of. A life in which I get to decide who I want to work with and what to create on a daily basis. A life that doesn’t make me feel like I am betraying myself or I am wasting my time. I am living my dream and every day feels like a new opportunity to become more of who I already am.
If my story resonates with you and you can’t wait to connect on a deeper level and share a fantastic journey with me, please feel free to check out how you can do it through my coaching services and my resources.



  • I love washing the dishes, hot water warms me up. It feels like self-care
  • When I was a child, every time someone asked me my name, I would say: My name is Meli, but my friends call me super Meli
  • My favourite words are SerendipityMarvellous and Mesmerizing
  • I had visited every continent before I visited Venice, Florence and Naples (three of the main and most beautiful cities in my own country)
  • I couldn’t stand coloring as a child and now I color mandalas to relax
  • My brother has longer hair than me
  • Sometimes I start running in the middle of the street to release energy, as if I was super late for a meeting
  • I also talk to myself out loud, a lot

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