suzanne heyn - beautifully vulnerable


Suzanne is a spiritual mentor, cancer survivor and a creator of beautiful things for soul seekers. Her journey has inspired thousands of people and she caught my attention through her heart-opening honesty.

In this episode we talk about

+ Why she won’t define herself by what she does and why identity is so limiting

+ The root of suffering and what healing looks/ feels like

+ Why you are not responsible to heal others

+ Precious insights gained from surviving cancer

+ The link between chakras and emotions

+ How to stand up for your boundaries

+ Chitchats about soul/ ego and emotions

+ Grounding and uplifting practices

Resources mentioned:

Chakra Books
— Wheels of Life by Anodea Judith
— Eight Human Talents by Gurmkh

Connect with Suzanne:

Suzanne Heyn is a transformational spiritual teacher, mentor and online course creator who helps people love who they are. Her work is rooted in the power of emotions. She teaches people how to create unconditional self-love, access deep healing and uncover their deepest desires through honoring how they feel.

Suzanne is a survivor. Before the age of 30, she lost her father and sister and survived cancer. It was in the depths of tragedy and emotional overwhelm that she connected to the deepest part of herself, the part that knows no doubt. Today, she inspires tens of thousands of people daily on social media and through her weekly blog posts devoted to helping people love their darkness so they can live their greatness.

Find her on and Download a free, powerful meditation for deep emotional healing — the same technique that changed Suzanne’s life — at

Connect with Melissa:

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