healing the inner masculine

I love the endless resources I can find online that help me see more light in my inner journey. Today I was devouring an article on the relationship to the divine masculine on Rewilding for Women.

There were some fantastic starter questions that made me feel like it was time for some deep journaling (a practice that is changing the way I emotionally connect to myself and others). I was laying in my bed, with candles and essential oils. I put on this lovely healing track from Youtube and started feeling into my body. After a few minutes I pulled out my journal and wrote

“How much do I trust the masculine?”

…and this is what came out:

The masculine feels quite dark and unexplored. I feel like the masculine I was raised with wasn’t a particularly strong one, but it still had a great impact on me. It left me wondering about how truly connected I am to the ground and how I can truly be connected to what it is.

The masculine is scary because it is what I consciously perceive as the thing that moves mw away from my truth.


What if it was there purely to support my feminine?
What if it was there to be my dreamcatcher?
What if it was there to show me the way I can only feel deep down in my heart?
What if it was there to show the feminine’s purest beauty to the universe?

~ Masculine,

What do I need to learn?
How can I open up more?
How can I tap into you and fully receive your support?

You scare me because fully embracing you would make me feel whole;

You scare me because I believe that logic is the opposite of intuition and I am way too afraid to believe that the two are uniquely complimentary;

You scare me because all your power could destroy me….

and it empower me beyond measure.


Dear Masculine,
We are ONE.
You and I are soulmates;
lifelong companions on this journey towards authenticity + bliss.
I promise I won’t be as scared of you;
I will let myself go a little more.. little by little;
I will fall into your arms and let you do your work;
I will surrender to your power;
I will trust that our communion comes from high above;
I will let you help me break down the walls I so carefully built around my heart
…brick by brick;
I will allow myself to be soft so that you can be strong;
I won’t try to control you;
nor change you;
I will let it be and let us become;
I will guide you + let myself be guided;
I will evolve through your wisdom + let you see my deepest essence;
I will allow you to show up for me
..without pushing you away;
I will slow dance with you + let our souls merge;
I will know..
..we are one.
There’s nowhere to go,
you have me and I have you.
‘Nothing is destroyed, everything transforms.’


With love,


Your feminine.


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