Stephanie Lin, Tel Aviv - Spiritual Coach


Melissa is an amazing life coach. Working privately with her over the course of several months helped me resolve so many personal and professional challenges, as well as strengthened my creative capacities and confidence. Melissa's art of listening, questioning, and getting to the true root of perceived problems is brilliant and invaluable to anyone in the process of conscious growth. I left every session feeling refreshed, more clear, and with new tools and mindsets to help me move forward with my dreams. I highly and wholeheartedly recommend Melissa and her coaching services.

Fiorenza, London - Life coach


Melissa coaches you with all her soul, full of generosity, authenticity and unconditional support. Melissa has this extraordinary ability to take you down the path of self-exploration, in a way that feels totally natural and encouraging.
All conversations with Melissa have been very inspirational and motivational.
I totally recommend Melissa, she will support you, with a total open-mind and genuine care.

Bailey, Minnesota - life coach


Melissa is a wonderful soul who is full of light, inspiration, and optimism.  She has helped me immensely to see my sensitivity as a strength point and learn to embrace it both in my life and my business.  Through coaching with her, I have been able to let go of my fear of being seen and really step into the person that I truly am and want to be.  With her support and encouragement, I have finally embraced myself fully and completely, learned to say no when something doesn’t feel aligned with my core, and set a strong foundation to continue to thrive both in my life and business.  Her tips, mindset shifts, and inspiration both in and out of our sessions was exactly what I needed to reach the next level.  She is a breath of fresh air and I would recommend anyone to work with her if they get the chance.  Her inspiration, positivity, and passion will not disappoint. Expect massive changes and shifts when you partner with this beauty!

Amy, London - musician,


Melissa has a warm and welcoming energy about her which made me feel at ease straight away. The six sessions we have shared have been full of value and very motivational. Our work together was very much on the same level, as a partnership, and this gave me a lot of confidence in myself. Melissa really takes time to listen to your thoughts and respond with questions to make you think about situations in a different way. Also, I really felt that I could confide in Melissa about personal matters and she would respond with genuine understanding, completely devoid of judgement. I cannot recommend Melissa enough! Anyone looking for a heart-centred, soulful life coach who fully invests in your dreams and aspirations... She is your lady!

Alex, London - designer,


Melissa is a super lady! She helped me bridle the mean girl inside me and spread my wings. When I met her I was anxious to start freelancing, now I have my own business and will be doing webinars soon (what?!).

She's not judgemental, she listens (and I talk a lot), and she helps to describe goals you want to achieve and then plan how to do it so you can just follow it step by step and get where you'd like to go.

I feel a lot more like ME now and am pumped up with ideas and motivation!

Amany, Egypt - Human Rights Manager


Working with Melissa has been one of the best things that I have done and I really mean it. Melissa has a unique ability to connect at the deepest level of humanity. She genuinely cares. From the first time we spoke, I knew that it was not a ‘job’ for her. I never felt like a client & nor as a friend either. I mean this in the sense that M always kept healthy & clear boundaries. She was truly my coach: A caring & supportive presence in my journey.Working with Melissa kept me focused positively on the image I aspire to. I also benefited very much from the self coaching & the summary of the sessions & that you always gave me tools that I could use; that were neither complicated not burdensome.
I feel that I have blossomed since we started working together. I focused on different aspects of myself & on a very wide spectrum of issues. These included:

- Anxiety re- driving.

- My relationship to my father.

- Public space & sexual harassment.

- Boundaries at work.

I can very confidently say that I could see & feel massive development in all those areas and more.

Eve, California - Musician and Academic Coach


Melissa is intensely appreciative and honoring of who I am and what I'm trying to achieve. She has helped me further my goals in business dynamics, domestic issues, personal growth and more. She possesses a nurturing disposition, clarity of insight, and deep wisdom. In our sessions, we delve into the heart of the matter, where on my own, my mind is often only too content to skate on the surface of things. An excellent listener, she goes beneath what I'm saying to what is at the core, and helps reveal things I couldn't see, that bring me into greater balance. This kind of depth of understanding is rare, and in combination with her loving presence, her support shows up in powerful ways.

Sinead, Ireland - Hypnotherapist


Melissa is a talented and insightful coach who is passionate about helping people feel fully authentic. She provides just the right balance of support and challenge to help you achieve what you want. If you have any fears or doubts about your direction in life, Melissa is just the right coach for you.

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