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Another episode of Beautifully Vulnerable,

this time with my dear friend and buddy coach Bailey Opsal, who knows all the bits and pieces about making peace with food and finally regaining confidence when it comes to looking at yourself in the mirror.


What we covered in the episode:


+ How to detect and embrace your emotions

+ How to better understand your triggers

+ How to move trough difficult emotions as a highly sensitive person

+ How to cultivate the mind-body connection

+ What is numbing and why it makes us disconnect with your precious body

+ What defense mechanisms to let go of

+ Practical advice to help you connect to yourself deeper



About Bailey:
Bailey is a life coach supporting women to come home to themselves, make peace with food, and finally reclaim freedom in their lives & their bodies.  Through her 1-on-1 work with clients, in-person events, and her online presence, she inspires and encourages women to drop the struggle, love themselves, and live a completely alive and vibrant life.  She is the creator of the e-book “How to feel beautiful, confident, and worthy when you feel anything but” and the email course “One week to body freedom”.  You can find her online at
One week to Body Freedom email course link: 

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the Rise and Shine meditation


A grounding morning track for the sensitive soul to start the day right


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